Physidia monitor

Physidia has designed the S3 monitor and its associated disposables for providing ease of use, quality of treatment and comfort during dialysis sessions. The S3 is optimized for daily use at home or incenter.

Controlled convection

S3 is the only daily haemodialysis monitor performing SeCoHD therapy.

• S3 monitor is designed to perform SeCoHD therapy via a succession of back-filtration and ultrafiltration phases, throughout the dialysis session.
Ultrafiltration volumes are prescribed by the nephrologist or hospital Home dialysis team.
The S3 dialysis monitor will operate different cycles to reduce or increase convective volume.

With SeCoHD therapy, la the quality of toxin removal is maintained at home on a daily basis.

• The S3 monitor can be used for treatment of patients with fistula or with central catheter vascular access.

Quality of treatment, autonomy and portability

> Priority to safety
Medical prescription is stored on the “patient card”. It cannot be modified by the patient.

> An interactive tablet makes the S3 easy to use
The screen of the monitor is an interactive touch-screen tablet. The user is guided as soon as the monitor is switched on and every procedure is displayed with intuitive instructions on the screen.

> Portability and mobility for patient freedom
With its reduced footprint and light weigh, the S3 monitor can be easily transported, for preserving the freedom and the quality of life of the patient.