My dialysis, my independence, my choice

Physidia, you partner for Frequent Home Hemodialysis



Voted “Start-Up of the Year” in 2020, Physidia aims to attract the best talents to France to provide patients with the best skills available.

Innovation, quality, expertise, services,… We invite you to discover who Physidia is.

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” The S3 monitor has freed me from the constraints of dialysis. I can plan my dialysis sessions as I choose, to organize my life the way I want it. “

” I have been pleasantly surprised by the simple installation and use of the
S3 monitor, and was totally ressured by the team that assisted me. “

” Since my nephrologist proposed that I have a daily dialysis,
I have recovered a quality of life that I had forgotten. “


ERA Congress, 60th Anniversary

Each year, European Renal Association (ERA) organizes the largest annual Nephrology Congress in Europe, welcoming thousands of attendees coming from all over the world. Let’s talk about home hemodialysis. Our team will be there to discuss it with you!

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