Traveling with the S3 monitor

The S3 is a compact- and lightweight monitor, designed to allow autonomy of dialysis, at home or anywhere else for holidays. With its transport-wheeled bag, you can leave for a week-end or for longer holidays, with the monitor in the back of your car. Your dialysis centre or Physidia may arrange the delivery of the disposables in France or elsewhere Europe ( under conditions). Additionally, the medical prescription on the patient card can be read on every S3 monitor. Some dialysis centers can make available monitors close to your holiday location, allowing you to travel light (check availability before your departure).

Home delivery

With the agreement of your dialysis centre, Physidia can deliver the S3 monitor disposables directly in your home (under conditions).

Remote supervision

The S3 monitor is a communicating device – dialysis parameters are stored on the tablet and are transmitted to your dialysis centre after each session. The nephrologists and the medical team can this way follow your dialysis and assist you if needed.

Technical hotline

A technical hotline is at your service from 8 :00 am to 10 :00 pm, 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday. Our team is available to answer all your questions linked to the functioning of the S3 monitor or in case of technical issue.