Benefits of daily home haemodialysis

Daily haemodialysis is recognized as one of the most physiological therapies for patients with renal insufficiency: it is the one that most closely compares to the functioning of the person’s own kidneys.
A better quality of life means organizing dialysis around the patient’s life and not life around dialysis.

A greater feeling of wellbeing

The positive effects of more frequent dialysis treatments include removal of fluids and accumulated toxins. Daily haemodialysis reduces tiredness and the risk of cardio-vascular complications, and leads to a better tolerance of the sessions. Daily haemodialysis improves the physical performance of a patient, which amounts to a feeling of wellbeing on a daily basis.

Quality of life

Daily home haemodialysis with 2H or 2,5H treatment allows rapid recovery between dialysis sessions and reduces tiredness associated with renal failure. Daily dialysis at home is particularly suited to those who wish to pursue their professional activity, keep active on a daily basis and preserve their quality of life.

Staying independent

This technique may allow you a more independent future for yourself, family members or carers, one with greater freedom on a daily basis :
– You schedule your own dialysis, retaining the freedom to carry out the treatment at a time to suit you,
You do not need transportation to the dialysis centre, saving you precious time,
– You are free to organize holidays without disrupting your treatment thanks to the portability of the equipment.