A major innovation

The clinical rational for daily dialysis is based on a strategy that improves patient quality of life together with efficiency of treatment (blood purification and hemodynamic stability).
The development of the S3 monitor is based on multidisciplinary knowledge—that of our engineers, as well as health professionals and patients.
This business philosophy has been supported throughout the life of the S3 monitor and contributes to our consistent proposed improvements, always favored by the nephrological community.
The S3 monitor is a portable equipment dedicated to daily dialysis, simple to use, secure in its functions, discrete in appearance.



• The S3 monitor is a communicating medical device. Dialysis parameters are stored on the tablet piloting the S3 monitor and are transmitted to the dialysis centre at the end of each dialysis session. The nephrologists and the medical team can this way follow your dialysis and assist you if needed.
• Patient card – a secured dialysis session. The medical prescription is delivered by the nephrologist and is saved on an individualized patient card. The duration and the modality of treatments during the dialysis session are always conform to the medical prescription and the patient can’t modify them without a consultation in the dialysis centre.



All the manipulations before, during and after the dialysis session have been optimized for improved ergonomics and simplicity for the patients.
The patient is guided throughout the whole dialysis session: all steps starting from the installation until the end of the dialysis are presented on the tablet in a user-friendly format. You just need to follow the instructions!



Sterility is a pervasive concept in the entire treatment procedure with the S3 monitor (dialysate in sterile pockets, single use devices).