56th Congress of ERA-EDTA in Budapest

Promote and improve the image and benefits of daily home hemodialysis.

Blood Shanti on stage with Physidia

A DJ rediscovers freedom with S3 monitor

Dialysis & Cruises

The pleasure of cruising with the guarantee of quality dialysis, with Gérard Pons Voyages and Physidia

The SFNDT Congress in Lille

From October 1st to 5th, the Physidia team will meet you at the 3rd Congress of the SFNDT in Lille (France)

The Lowry, Manchester, UK, 20th and 21st September, 2018

11th UK Annual Dialysis Conference
British Renal Society


Causes, symptoms, treatment – better understand the disease


Testimonial of a patient on home haemodialysis


Physidia has made innovation its principle mission, helping dialysis patients to find their comport and freedom on a daily basis; A better quality of life means organizing dialysis around life and not life around dialysis.

” The S3 monitor has freed me from the constraints of dialysis. I can plan my dialysis sessions as I choose, to organize my life the way I want it. “

” I have been pleasantly surprised by the simple installation and use of the
S3 monitor, and was totally ressured by the team that assisted me. “

” Since my nephrologist proposed that I have a daily dialysis,
I have recovered a quality of life that I had forgotten. “

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